About Us

The founding partners of Opstock have vast experience in the raised access floor industry, dating back to 1965. Through the decades, computer engineering and IT equipment manufacturers made technology advances by leaps and bounds. Extreme KW heats loads caused tremendous air-cooling challenges for the legacy computer rooms that were never equipped to handle such increased server capacity.

Recognizing such challenges and understanding how many different manufactured systems are in existence, Opstock introduced Infinity® Air Grate in 2006 as a universal solution that easily adapts into just about any floor system ever made. Infinity® delivers much greater cooling air (CFM) volume into cold aisle inlet locations. Its patented design offers a new fresh look along with exceptional heavy duty, certified structural performance.

Today’s modern colocation data centers have even greater heat loads with high-density servers and other equipment packed into confined spaces. Deficiencies in cooling infrastructure can lead to severe consequences, including equipment damage and data loss. The challenge remains in effectively cooling extreme high heat loads to prevent equipment failure and maintain optimal operating temperatures.

Opstock is committed to excellence in manufacturing products of superior quality and will go above and beyond ordinary expectations to satisfy its customer. Infinity® is only available through factory authorized distributors and subsidiary companies. Opstock cannot warrant or service Infinity® products if purchased through an unauthorized source.