Unrivaled Cooling Power

Infinity® Air Grate delivers three times the air cooling CFM1 to server racks in cold aisles of a cloud computing data center. Computer rooms equipped with ordinary perforated airflow panels struggle to deliver 250-350 CFM, but certified tests show with a static pressure of .10 (H2O) inches, the Infinity® Air Grate with 55% open area2 delivers air cooling in excess of 1100 CFM.

Whether you are trying to obtain maximum cooling efficiency in a small computer room or battling extreme KW from high density blade servers in a large cloud computing data center, the Infinity® Air Grate is your universal solution for increased air cooling. When balancing static pressure, air volume is easily throttled down, or shut off completely with the Infinity® “flex-in place” Quad Damper (patented).

1As compared to ordinary (25% open area) perforated airflow panel.
2Percentage of available open area.