Unique Quad Damper Design

Customers tell us that the Quad Damper provides a great advantage over the ordinary slide damper because of its “multiple” open (25%, 50%, 75%) positions, and ability to completely shut down air flow- contributing to more effective static pressure balance and controlled cooling to high density server racks. Position of (4) damper section modules are easily adjusted from above floor, while grate is in operation.

Guaranteed Quality

The unique design of this Quad Damper allows it to be “factory installed” and is GUARANTEED against damage during shipment. However, should you choose to “field install”, it’s easy with Infinity®. Damper section modules “flex-in place” and install in seconds. The Quad Damper can provide significant savings when compared to ordinary “slide dampers” that are prone to damage during shipment and typically require tools and/or skilled labor to install.