Infinity Quick Corner™

Installing the Infinity cool air solution into the data center has become a whole lot easier- Infinity Quick Corner™ is exactly that… QUICK!

No screwdriver or wrenching needed here- so leave the tool box in the closet. Simply set the Quick Corners into any one of four fixed-level positions to achieve the best flush fit (within 1/32”). Isn’t it time your CRAC cold air supply reaches the cabinets and upper server racks? Whether you’re equipping the data center with one or a thousand high flow air grates the Infinity Quick Corner™ is the high volume cooling solution that installs quickly, easily and with immediate returns; INCREASED cool air circulation, LOWER server inlet temps and IMPROVED equipment operating efficiency. Click on one of the “Parts/Install” videos above to view the quick installation.

Infinity adapts into virtually ANY access floor system ever made. Contact your nearest Infinity Distributor or Dealer today and ask them about how you too can benefit from the sure-fit Infinity Quick Corner™.